Dr. Varon’s® Skin Bleaching System

Dr. Varon’s® Skin Bleaching System

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Dr. Varon's Skin Bleaching System literally begins where fade creams finish. Dr. Varon's Skin Bleaching System is a three-step program (brightening lotion, dermal treatment and liquid dermabrasion), which actually removes dark areas from the "roots" allowing its multiple vitamins and moisturizing ingredients to bring back your own beautiful skin. Will this work on age spots? Yes, in 91% of the cases tested on people just like you, noticeable results were visible in 15 to 30 days and spots continued to get lighter with continued use. Did these spots stay diminished? Yes, the faded area remained so, however, it should be pointed out that abusive exposure to sun might cause these spots to reappear.


*Results of double blind testing:
All subjects using the "real" formulation obtained significant improvement and/or control when compared with the placebo. After several applications these results showed a reduction of dark discoloration and blemishes from the skin.

Product Description: Three 1 oz. tube system (Brightening Lotion, Dermal Treatment, Liquid Microdermabrasion)

Usage: See product for instructions