Dr. Varon’s® Therapeutic Shampoo

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Dr. Varon's Therapeutic Shampoo is an exciting, new natural herb product with no preservatives. The herbal contents are so concentrated that they will settle to the bottom of the bottle. Shake well to activate this formula before using. This is a therapeutic shampoo, so the use of a hair conditioner is not necessary. Dr. Varon's Therapeutic Shampoo is ideal for thinning hair, or for thick hair as a twice a week supplement to one's current shampoo regimen. Like all other Dr. Varon products, the Therapeutic Shampoo has a meaningful purpose - to help stop hair loss and to relieve itching, scaling, and flaking from seborrhea, dermatitis, and psoriasis. In its formula, Dr. Varon's Therapeutic Shampoo features Espinosilla, a rare herb grown only in a remote area of Mexico, and the subject of many studies. These studies indicate that not only does this herb supply oxygen to the scalp, but as a result, it is a natural deterrent to dandruff and hair loss. In fact, with continued use, dandruff will disappear and you will stop seeing so much of your hair in the shower drain. Dr. Varon's Therapeutic Shampoo is a breakthrough "does something product" that will deliver fuller, healthier looking hair, and deliver more of it - guaranteed.

Product Description: 8.45 Oz. bottle

Usage: Use daily